Banque Richelieu

Interview with Antoun Sehnaoui

Interview with Antoun Sehnaoui

Why did you acquire Banque Richelieu France, Banque Richelieu Monaco and Richelieu Gestion?

At heart of it, we are a retail bank, but we wanted to expand our horizons and extend our activities of asset and wealth management. Banque Richelieu was the perfect acquisition for us; we were particularly impressed by the quality of their teams and their management, by its size and of course by its understanding of how to build sustainable client relationships.

What does “l’esprit de conquête” mean for you?

For me, it is based on three fundamental and inseparable pillars: boldness, creativity and prudence/caution. “L’esprit de conquête” comes from within and pushes us to dare to imagine what we can do both better and differently, while taking into account our environment and its constraints.

And what does it mean for Banque Richelieu?

For Banque Richelieu, “L’esprit de conquête” means first and foremost to deal with your customers’ successes issues and to accompany them in a way that best fits their needs. Their success is our success and it is through them that we will succeed in the future. We share this spirit with them; we aspire to “celebrate our common victory”.

Our ambition is to rehumanise private banking

What is your project for Banque Richelieu?

The recruitment of a number of new talents has enabled us to consolidate and extend our expertise in various functions. We are now equipped to accompany our clients’ projects, regardless of their profile. The client is at the heart of Banque Richelieu and our goal is to put the human element back into private banking.

How does the "esprit de conquête" illustrate your vision of the future of private banking?

Today, regulation and anonymity of the client relationship go hand-in-hand with private banking. I am convinced that private banking can (and must) continue to offer customized, tailored premium service, while respecting even the most stringent rules. These two commitments are not contradictory. On the contrary: they are a source of synergies. They will help us build the private bank of tomorrow, with boldness, creativity and prudence, and with a never-ending, renewed passion for our jobs.