Frauds & Scams


Let's be vigilant together and stay mobilised

Fraudsters rival each other in their ingenuity to manipulate you and take over your banking information or get you to validate transactions you didn’t initiate.


To gain your trust, a fraudster won’t hesitate to pretend to be a Richelieu Group employee or to work on our behalf.

For your safety, here are a few best practices to follow:

Your bank details (accounts and cards) are strictly confidential: they belong to you and must not be passed on to a third party, even a trusted one.

Make sure of the identity of the person you are dealing with before giving them any information or carrying out any action requested of you*. If in doubt, hang up and contact your advisor through your usual channels.

We will NEVER ask you (by telephone, SMS or e-mail) to entrust your bank card to a courier or any other person for any reason whatsoever.

Keep calm, fraudsters aim to put you in a stressful situation by limiting your ability to think.

Before entering personal information and confirming a transaction, read the information displayed on your smartphone or computer screen carefully.

Never confirm a payment by clicking on a link you receive. The URL of the site must begin with https://. The “S” after “http” guarantees the security of the transaction.

Never click on links contained in e-mails or text messages that seem suspicious. If in doubt, do not open the attachments.

Keep an eye on your account and your spending (particularly on credit cards).

* Be careful, the telephone number displayed may seem legitimate or known to you from your contact list (bank branch, customer service...), but in some cases it may have been spoofed by the fraudster using the "spoofing" technique. The fraudster can personalise the number displayed: this is known as spoofing the telephone line. Also check the e-mail addresses of the people who contact you.

Fraud techniques are constantly evolving. It is by remaining vigilant together that we can avoid being affected.

If in doubt, contact your private banker directly, who will be at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.